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Posted by: mtbgreg1 on June 9, 2011
This entire "Snowboards" category is filled with boards featuring reverse camber/rocker/mixed rocker and camber... basically all different types of board designs that have rejected the regular camber conventions of even half a decade ago. THIS is the board that started it all back in 2006: Lib Tech's Skate Banana Snowboard. As a result, this is the most award-winning snowboard of all time.

All of those awards are extremely well deserved as the Skate Banana may be the best do-it-all board on the market. The Banana features rocker between the bindings and in the tips with regular camber underfoot. This design allow the tips to float in the soft snow and crud, but when ripping hardpack your weight will push the board flat, allowing it to completely engage in icy conditions such as the half pipe. The Magne-Traction edges provide even more control in icy conditions thanks to 5 extra contact points. The rockered tip and tail also make this board crazy easy to butter and press. Finally, the H-Pop base provides tons of ollie power and the sintered base is plenty fast.

Because of all of these features, this true twin board features a medium-soft flex.

The Skate Banana is available in three different width models: narrow, normal, and wide. The narrow model is available in 148 and 151 cm lengths. The normal comes in 149, 152, 154, 156, and 159 cm lengths; and the wide is available in 153, 156, and 159 cm lengths. The normal 154 cm long board measures 253 mm wide in the waist with a usable edge of 1150 mm.

Due to the Skate Banana's incredible popularity, Lib Tech has released a massive number of different color and graphic combinations to help your board continue to stand out from the crowd on the mountain.
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Reviewed by mtbgreg1 on July 5, 2011
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Review: 5 stars for the most award-winning snowboard of all time
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