Mount Bohemia

Lac La Belle, Michigan
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Type: Lift-serviced / Resort

Posted by: Matt S on June 28, 2011


Mount Bohemia is unique in that it receives powdery snowfall similar to resorts in the west. Its so called 'lake effect' effect accumulates to about 273 inches per year so skiers and snowboarders will find find plenty of freshly dusted trails.

Mount Bohemia boasts 75 trails that descend 900 feet of vertical drop. Unfortunately Bohemia has no suitable terrain for beginner and casual skiers and snowboarders. The terrain is suitable almost exclusively for advanced and expert level visitors.

Skiing (Downhill), Snowboarding



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mtbgreg1   Out of Bounds
July 12, 2011
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Simply put, Mount Bohemia offers the best skiing in the Midwest! Who said you can't have Rocky Mountain terrain without the brutally long drive? Mount Bohemia is steeper, rockier, and overall gnarly than anything else in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It receives more snow, too. Essentially sitting in the middle of Lake Superior on the tip of the Keweenaw peninsula, it receives an insane amount of lake effect snow every year.

Contributing to Bohemia's gnarly factor are these facts:
1. They don't make any snow.
2. They don't groom any of the slopes.
3. No beginners are allowed.

Seriously, no beginners are allowed at Bohemia. There is nothing easier than a blue, and the hardest runs are steep glades that are rated a triple black on the Midwest scale (double black on a Rocky Mountain scale).

Looking for deep pow, endless glades, and tall cliffs? Make the trek to Bohemia... you won't regret it!
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AJ Heil   Blue Square
December 21, 2011
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Mt. Bohemia is my absolute favorite ski-destination in the Midwest! With steep glades, endless powder, natural features, and mogul fields, it tops every competitor. While Bohemia certainly isn't for beginners, it holds some of the gnarliest and raddest terrain that I have ever seen or ridden! Mt. Bohemia's skiing rivals that of the Rockies and is probably the only resort/location that I would begin to consider a "mountain" in the Midwest with higher vertical and more expansive terrain than practically everywhere else for hundreds of miles.

Bohemia offers early season passes for a mere $100.00, but has limited operation because of the restrictions of the Midwest snowfall and climate. Ski days may be more limited than other resorts, but nothing beats skiing/boarding on natural powder and pack when it does arrive at Bohemia.

If you're an advanced skier or snowboarder in the Midwest region, be sure and give Bohemia a try! You, likely, won't regret it!

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